Changing it up, yet again

In the interest of getting some fresh content here, I’m giving up on my big plans to write something to manage this and going back to wordpress.  I had great intentions to build my own blog engine and use it as a way to show off my mad skillz, but in reality I’m so busy elsewhere between work and home that it’s just been a big source of guilt.

There will clearly be some churn over the next few days while I settle back into wordpress and get things set up, then hopefully the content will come more regularly.  Check back soon!

Doscendo discitur

It is learned by teaching — Seneca

So why another blog? Because I have much to learn, I must teach. I have other blogs elsewhere, this one is solely for technical goodness that I need to expound on so I learn it better. My current employer is obsessed with this idea, and I couldn’t agree more.

As I come across things I want to investigate, share, or generally discuss, I’ll post them here. No promises of frequency or quality, so read at your own risk and enjoy.