Changing it up, yet again

In the interest of getting some fresh content here, I’m giving up on my big plans to write something to manage this and going back to wordpress.  I had great intentions to build my own blog engine and use it as a way to show off my mad skillz, but in reality I’m so busy elsewhere between work and home that it’s just been a big source of guilt.

There will clearly be some churn over the next few days while I settle back into wordpress and get things set up, then hopefully the content will come more regularly.  Check back soon!

State of the Blog address

Ok, just got back from Railsconf, and I realize how lax I’ve been on writing about what I’ve been doing. Grockit completed it’s second round of funding as reported on TechCrunch last week, and things are picking up steam at a nice clip. We’re actively hiring if anybody is interested send me a resume. We are in a closed beta now and we’ll be adding people throughout the summer. Railsconf was fantastic as usual. Parts were better than years past, parts were worse, but overall I still learned a lot and got to hang with a lot of people I respect and enjoy learning from.

I’m still playing with merb, but work on blerb has pretty much died out. Most have switched over to feather which has a bit more traction. It has a very well developed plugin framework (which is about to be converted to merb-slices according to the chatter in #feather). It’s blazing fast and easily extensible. I’m still planning on converting this blog over to something else that will tax my slice less, so feather is the current choice du jour.

For those of you who played the legendary unroll game ( when rails was still a fledgling platform, the source has been revived and is available on github. As it is now, it runs under Rails v1.2.6. The instructions in the readme are good enough to get you going. Feel free to fork it and get it up and running publicly if you wish. I’m contemplating a port to merb (just as an excuse to get deeper into the merb framework), or possibly a facebook app. Michael Buffington, creator of the original (and currently my boss), got it running again during Railsconf and wanted it released into the wild to see what kind of craziness people could unleash upon it.

Doscendo discitur

It is learned by teaching — Seneca

So why another blog? Because I have much to learn, I must teach. I have other blogs elsewhere, this one is solely for technical goodness that I need to expound on so I learn it better. My current employer is obsessed with this idea, and I couldn’t agree more.

As I come across things I want to investigate, share, or generally discuss, I’ll post them here. No promises of frequency or quality, so read at your own risk and enjoy.